Top 9 Tourist Destinations to Visit This Summer

Top 9 Tourist destinations to visit this summer
Top 9 Tourist destinations to visit this summer

Are you looking for an escape to far-flung exotic tourist destinations? Not sure where the best surf breaks are? Want a family-friendly getaway where you can still feel pampered? We’ve listed nine favorite holiday destinations, so you have no excuse to miss out on style this summer. So book your tickets and discover a new way of seeing the world this summer.

Paris Is the City of Lights and Life:

It’s easy to understand why Paris is called the City of Lights. After all, it is the most visited city globally, drawing millions of visitors every year with its unforgettable ambiance. Of course, the divine cuisine and vast art collections deserve some of the credit well. The gentle River the Seine rambles through the city, flanked by stately museums and centuries-old churches, blocking the Rococo- and Neoclassic-design architecture, further enhanced by cascading trees and glowing streetlamps.

Peppering the Seine’s cobbled walks and graceful bridges are impossibly chic Parisians, probably on their way to the market, cafe, or cinema.

When you’re not admiring Paris’ beauty from your hotel window (which happens to be a great vantage point), take a boat tour down the Seine or hop on a bike for an up-close look at Notre Dame Cathedral or other landmarks. Containing world-class museums like Musée d’Orsay and fashion houses like Chanel and Dior, Paris is also a city of “many splendors,” as Ernest Hemingway recalled in his memoir A Moveable Feast.

 Luxury Oasis in San Diego:

Ready to explore? San Diego is a California city that offers a little something for everyone, and we’re here to help you find the perfect beach, activity, or restaurant.

Whether you’re looking to catch some waves or soak up some sun, located in the heart of San Diego, Mission Beach is a popular spot for surfers and kiteboarders alike.

With its long stretches of sand, this beach has plenty of space for families and friends alike to spread out and enjoy their time together.

La Jolla Cove is another great option if you’re looking for some time on the beach without all of the crowds.

With its towering rock formations and vibrant marine life, La Jolla Cove is an ideal place to spend time exploring with friends or family before heading into town for dinner or drinks at one of our many restaurants and bars!

Hot Air Balloons in Turkey:

Cappadocia, a Turkey, is a place that will leave you speechless. It’s a wondrous land of hot-air balloons and towering rock formations that have caves with ancient Islamic inscriptions. This city has a diverse culture and fascinating history, making it the perfect place to visit in May.

You’ll be equally blown away by its labyrinthine underground cities, caves, and ravines that will make you want to stay here forever.

The balloon studded skies of Cappadocia aren’t the only thing that attracts people here. You’ll be equally blown away by its labyrinthine underground cities, caves, and ravines that will make you want to stay here forever.


Who doesn’t love a good vacation? If you’re looking for some magical places to visit in May, Prague is the perfect place for vacation!

Whether you choose to buy glasswork near the Old Town or hike up to Vysehrad Castle, you’ll indeed have the time of your life! And the fact that it’s budget-friendly also makes it one of Europe’s top summer destinations for you to explore.

Explore New Zealand Landscapes

The diverse and captivating scenery of New Zealand offers something for everyone. For example: if you want to see some of the most amazing views on earth – including waterfalls, glaciers, rainforests, and more – you must visit Waitomo Caves, where you can swim through glowworms!

If you want an adrenaline rush, then there are plenty of opportunities for activities such as skydiving or bungee jumping off Aoraki/Mt Cook Bridge or just about any other bridge in New Zealand, for that matter! If you like hiking with views, there are endless trails throughout New Zealand with spectacular views!

Explore Matterhorn Glacier Paradise:

Zermatt is a picturesque mountain town nestled in the Swiss Alps. The summer months are filled with adventure and exploration, whether you’re looking to hike, bike, or kayak.

Summertime in Zermatt is flush with color. It is when the snowcapped mountains are accented with lush, green meadows and a mesmerizing blue color in the lakes. Zermatt sits at the base of the Matterhorn peak, which can be seen from just about anywhere in town while visiting tourist destinations in 2022.

Enjoy Epic Summer Vacation in Italy:

The romance of Italy is legendary, but its allure can be hard to resist. From the history of Rome to the modern vibe of Milan, you’ll have a hard time finding anything that compares to the romantic allure of this country.

Italy is one of the best tourist destinations, also known for its food and wine, making it one of the best places for a romantic getaway.

If you’re looking to plan your trip at the very beginning or end of summer. You should make sure you book yourself an early dinner reservation to enjoy your meal without the heat melting away your appetite.

Mykonos – Island in Greece:

Are you looking for a destination with a party-hard culture, cashed-up A-listers, and hip new everything? Mykonos ticks all three.

Mykonos is also home to some of the best nightlife in Greece – from clubs to bars and tavernas – there’s always something going on at night here.

And if you want to get away from it all for a bit, there are plenty of options for relaxation too. You can head down to Agios Stefanos beach. Where you can unwind in one of their many restaurants or cafes overlooking the sea.

Jamaica – Top Tourist Destinations 2022

You’ve got to take a break from your busy life now and then visit the tourist destinations around the world. And we’re not just talking about a vacation—we’re talking about a vacation that feels like a vacation.

That’s why we recommend you check out Montego Bay, Jamaica. Nestled on the North Coast, Montego Bay is just an hour away from the airport. You can also hop-and-a-skip from the East Coast, which means you can get away from it all in no time.

When you arrive check out Doctor’s Cave Beach or Walter Fletcher Beach for some of the best sunrises in Jamaica.

If you’re into snorkeling or scuba-certified, there are plenty of protected waves nearby at Montego Bay Marine Park as wel—you’ll be swimming alongside sea turtles!


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