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CRM and Business Development

Starting a business without a large amount of capital is no longer complex due to technological advancement.

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How typical CRM processes are put in place

We cannot implement a CRM strategy in modern business without using a CRM tool. The CRM software enables you to collect and analyze customer data, create optimal conditions for collaboration, and quickly monitor the status of customer interactions and respond to their needs.

According to the well-known world CRM guru Barton Goldenberg, a modern CRM software should include the following functional blocks:

  • Contact management (and client base);
  • Sales management; 
  • Telemarketing sales;
  • Time management;
  • Support and customer service
  • Administration of marketing materials (such as questionnaires, surveys, and mailing lists);
  • Senior management reporting;
  • Connection to other software;
  • Synchronization of data;
  • E-commerce management (integration with the company’s website, customer, or partner portal);
  • Control mobile sales (from PDA, laptop, or remote access).

This product line includes the following features:

  1. Keeping a customer base
  2. Customer contact administration
  3. Management of the Sales Process
  4. Customer data collection and storage Customer analysis
  5. Sales manager performance planning and analysis

We continue to have customers.

“CRM software in Pakistan“ enables you to structure a customer base and distribute customers among hundreds of employees. Management and marketing services can access information on the dynamics of client base growth, the quantitative and qualitative distribution of clients by managers, and the capacity of client segments at any time.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software allows you to record and schedule phone calls, personal meetings, mail, emails, and other customer interactions.

 The solution includes:

  • Creating reminders for upcoming contacts at a predetermined time;
  • Appointment of a person in charge of contract execution with notification of the need for reference, its goals, and objectives to the Person in charge;
  • Transfer of information about client contacts between employees;
  • Customer groups receive personalized mailings and emails.
  • Management has access to reports on current, overdue, and scheduled contacts for clients in the context of managers and the lack of interaction with clients during a specific period at any time.

Management of the Sales Process

The CRM solution line in sales management enables you to: 

  1. Organize the registration and processing of new and existing customers’ interests in the company’s products and services;
  2. When a situation arises, that necessitates the manager’s direct participation, send an email or SMS notification to him.
  3. Analyze the client’s potential and prospects, and consider the risks of a potential transaction.
  4. Analytics on the number and time it takes to process new interests and customer needs should be provided to management.


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