Tupperware Microwave Rice Cooker Instructions


Adjust microwave cooking time by a few minutes based on personal preference, microwave settings, and grain type. Allow 5 minutes for standing time after cooking. Take care not to surpass the microwave’s maximum cooking duration of 30 minutes. *Before the 5 minutes standing period, stir the couscous.

To achieve the best results: Rinse rice three times with cold water until the water runs clear. This is how you obtain airy grains instead of sticky rice.

If you want to add salt before cooking, allow 2 to 4 minutes for a teaspoon of salt when the base is filled with 300ml of rice.

TIP: When placing your palm flat on top of rice in water, the water should come up to around your middle knuckle.

• Using a non-scratching Tupperware tool, fluff the rice when it has cooled.

Take the following procedures to ensure your enjoyment and safety:

• Follow the tupperware rice cooker instructions in this booklet.

• Always wash your new product before using it for the first time.

• Before cooking, make sure the rice is thoroughly soaked in water.

• For proper product usage, always refer to the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer of your microwave. If you have a turntable plate, ensure sure the Micro Rice Maker Large fits on it and that it rotates freely.

• Tupperware Micro Maker Large can handle food temperatures ranging from 0°C to 120°C. Keep out of the freezer. Do not use at higher heat to cook things.

• Never cook rice or other grains without adding water.

• Add no fat or oil to the water, and avoid using fat-containing liquids such as milk. Risotto, paella rice, dessert rice, and semolina are not suited for the Micro Rice Maker Large.

• Avoid using rough or sharp utensils.

• Avoid overfilling to avoid a boil-over. Keep the maximum fill line in mind. We recommend cooking smaller amounts of rice with a high starch content.

• Always pull the cover away from you so that the hot steam does not burn you.

• After cooking, the contents will be hot. When handling, wear oven gloves.

We do not recommend adding saffron or other coloured spices to rice or reheating tomato or curry-based meals to avoid discoloration. Staining has no effect on the product’s function and is not covered by the Tupperware guarantee.

Tupperware’s Quality Guarantee

Tupperware Micro Rice Maker comes with the same quality warranty as other Tupperware goods, which guarantees a replacement of any Tupperware made product that exhibits any material or manufacturing flaw when used according to directions and in typical home use.

Only use the Micro Rice Maker Large in the microwave; do not use it on the stove, in a regular oven, or on the grill. Make sure that you always rinse the container immediately after use in cold water to help avoid strong food odours or stains.
However, Instructions for usage are etched on the inside of the cover and on top of the insert, and all components are dishwasher safe.


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