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Types of Shelves You Can Install in A Bedroom


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Bedrooms are the dedicated personal space where you get your goodnight’s sleep, where you can relax, listen to music, and spend quality me-time. It’s easy to keep a bedroom clean and organized if you are someone who loves to keep their room tidy. But a clever shelving idea can be a savior for you. You can place your favorite books, plants, and small decor items on the shelf that makes your room pretty tidy. 

Once you have your ideal home constructed in citi housing Multan is just the first step towards converting a house into a home. And what better room to start than your bedroom, eh?

Shelves are practical additions that add style and utilize the space smartly. It easily becomes part of your room’s interior. In this blog, you will learn about the types of bedroom shelves that add charm to your new bedroom without compromising on the budget. 

1- Free-standing shelves

One of the most popular and commonly used shelves is free-standing shelves. They are easy to find and even build as your personal DIY project. These shelves are open storage solutions and come in different minimalist designs. It adds more charm and sophistication to a bedroom instead of a bulky piece of furniture. 

Free-standing shelves are available in multiple designs such as with or without the doors. There are different levels of compartments to store personal items. They are sturdy, durable, and trendy with modern interior designs. 

2- Built-in shelves 

Another commonly found shelves in a house are the built-in shelves. Usually found in the living room and dining room, these can be installed in a bedroom as well. 

Built-in shelves are useful to minimize the clutter and do not take up any unnecessary space in the room either. Consider them as alcoves but with compartments to store items. You can add books, and other personal items of use to keep it organized. 

3- Hanging shelves 

Mostly found in dorm rooms, hanging shelves are easy to install and remove. Instead of the traditional shelf, these hang from the walls. However, installing hanging shelves on a crooked wall is not recommended because they will fall down. 

Hanging shelves come in varying sizes and therefore the capacity level to bear weight also varies. So one must take into account the maximum load capacity to avoid damage to personal belongings. You can even install them in your home office. 

4- Corner shelves 

These are wonderful additions to maximize the room’s storage space. Corner shelves conveniently cover the accessible areas that are usually neglected. So if you want to make most of the stranded corners in your room, a corner shelf is a welcome addition. 

You can find various styles of corner shelves in different materials like curved, rotating, angular and even right-angled corner shelves. 

5- Suspended shelves 

Suspended shelves are mostly used in study rooms or home offices, but can also be used as a fashionable interior choice for a bedroom. 

They consist of separate hooks that connect to the surface of the wall at the time of installation. Suspended shelves are L-shaped and composed of metals. If you are good with tools, then installing them is a basic task for you. 

6- Floating shelves 

Floating shelves can be easily mistaken for suspended shelves. However, these are the most elegant and futuristic types of shelf options. The hanging shelf does not have any back support, unlike suspended shelves. They are easily installed with screws. 

Interior designers prefer adding floating shelves in a house design because it covers any prominent screws or joining points. It gives the impression as the shelves are floating, hence how it got its name. 

7- Adjustable shelves 

If you have a tiny room it means limited spacing. Therefore you need to be clever about adding an adjustable shelf in your room. 

To store equipment, tools, or other small household items, adjustable shelves are pretty handy. They do not take much space either and are also easy to adjust. Racks are separate from one another which allows you to put big items with preferable space. 

In a bedroom, you can add any type of shelf you want. Think about the aspects of the room such as size, interior style, color, and available space to decide the best option.


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