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Inside the 600-mile front line between Ukrainian and Russian forces


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Over the past year, the war in Ukraine has undergone a significant transformation. What started as a multi-front invasion that included Kyiv in the north has become a conflict of attrition, primarily concentrated along a 600-mile stretch in the east and south of the country.

Last spring, Ukrainian troops successfully pushed the Russian forces back from Kyiv. In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin shifted the focus of his military’s efforts to the front line in the east and south, while still carrying out airstrikes across the country.

The front line now stretches from the grassy steppes of the northeast, along the Dnieper River, all the way to the Black Sea. The vast territory makes it challenging to defend completely, so the conflict is concentrated in specific key areas.

As the fighting has shifted to the front line, both sides have dug in, and the war has become one of attrition. The Ukrainian military has deployed a combination of troops, tanks, and artillery to defend the line, while the Russian-backed separatists have dug trenches and fortified their positions with tanks and artillery.

The conflict has resulted in significant human suffering and displacement. The residents who live near the front line face daily threats to their safety and thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes due to the violence.

Despite multiple ceasefire agreements, the fighting continues, with sporadic clashes and exchanges of fire taking place along the front line. The situation remains volatile, and there are concerns that the conflict could escalate at any moment.

As the war enters its eighth year, it is clear that there are no easy solutions to the conflict. The front line is a symbol of the ongoing struggle between Ukraine and Russia, and it serves as a reminder of the human cost of war.


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