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Waterfall Shower Head


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Why Do You Need a Waterfall Shower Head?

These lavish bathroom fixtures transform a household shower into a spa experience.

Because the shower head is one of the most popular plumbing fixtures in a home, it is frequently disregarded. It’s out of sight over your head when you’re showering. It is covered behind a shower curtain or a door while not in use.

However, an updated shower can make or break a bathroom, and the latest home shower craze is a waterfall shower head, often known as a rain or rainfall shower head. Why? Continue reading.

How Do Waterfall Shower Heads Work?

A waterfall shower head is attached to the wall or ceiling and provide a broader, softer stream of water, similar to a miniature waterfall or heavy rain. They’re supposed to be soothing and elegant. In contrast to the cone or cylinder shape of a normal wall-mounted shower head, they frequently have a modern, streamlined appearance with a wide and flat head.

Some fixed or removable shower heads feature a waterfall option, while others are always waterfall. “They’re wonderful for a long soak and generate a rainfall effect that resembles nature’s downpours,” explains plumber and Dripfina founder Eric Phillips. “Every time you take a shower, you feel like you are in a shampoo commercial!”

Waterfall Shower Head Designs

  • Waterfall shower heads are classified into two types: round and square. “Both can mimic the rainstorm impact,” explains Phillips. “However, only a square shower head with a built-in drenching slot will provide you a sheet of water.” Oxygenics manufactures numerous waterfall rain shower heads.


  • The other major distinction is the mounting location. Ceiling-mounted waterfall shower heads appear elegant, similar to those seen in a spa or luxury hotel. Phillips suggests them for wet rooms.


  • Ceiling waterfall shower heads are simpler to install in existing showers that already have a wall-mounted shower head. According to Phillips, they are “more traditional and better positioned in cubicle-style showers.” Simply replace your old shower head – no need for ceiling holes or drywall work. They can also be purchased with a second, handheld sprayer, requiring a more extensive installation.

All styles include several spray speed and pattern choices.

The Benefits of a Quality Rain Shower Head

  1. It should provide you with a soothing shower. Ordinary shower heads will simply spray water into your face. The greatest rainfall shower head, on the other hand, will allow water to flow from your head down to your shoulders as it goes to the rest of your body parts. This shower head will soothe you in the bathroom because it will not allow you to gasp for air while showering. The shower head has several settings that will provide you with a pleasant experience while you shower under a forceful water flow or use the mist option for a longer shower duration.
  2. Your bathroom will now have a classy look. Most modern hotels have switched from the old shower to a modern shower head. When you have this waterfall shower head in your home, your bathroom will seem elegant. You won’t have to be concerned about what your guests think about your bathroom because they will enjoy their time in the shower.


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