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What exactly is an MOT Test though?

MOT Test

The Ministry of Transport, often known as the MOT, is responsible for evaluating the overall condition of your car and all of its components. It verifies that the vehicle is okay to operate on public roads and satisfies the DVSA’s ecological and regulatory safety regulations requirements.

The MOT Colindale is necessary once annually on your car, and it is a prerequisite for the operation of any vehicle that uses public roads. Only a car mechanic with MOT certification can perform the MOT. It also calls for the use of very particular diagnostic tools.

How will you understand when your vehicle’s next MOT test is due?

One year is the duration of an MOT, and on the most recent pass certification is the time that it will no longer be valid. You can look up the MOT record on the online webpage. In contrast to your vehicle registration, the DVSA will not send you a reminder when it is time to update your MOT.

Every one of our clients’ cars is eligible for complimentary MOT notifications, which may get delivered to them through phone or text message. Your car must have its initial MOT procedure on the 3rd year of its license and annually following that.

If you buy a fresh new car at the beginning of March 2019, the first time it will need to pass its MOT will be on the first of March 2022. The following MOT will be on the first of March in 2023 and then annually after that.

What occurs if the MOT is no longer valid?

Operating a car that does not have a valid MOT inspection certificate may result in a penalty of up to one thousand pounds. You may operate your vehicle towards and from the testing site if your MOT must have expired. This is dependent on them having the necessary information on the car and scheduling the appointment in their calendar.

How close should You get to the expiration date before Bringing Your car in for a test?

You get up to thirty days until the expiration period to inspect your vehicle. Doing so will not affect the validity of the expiration period. For example, if your current MOT expired on the first of July 2019, you won’t be able to acquire a new one until the first of June 2019, at the latest, to maintain the exact starting date for the following year.

You possess the option of getting your MOT early. However, doing so will result in a new registration period for the next year. Your MOT is valid for one year, and the expiration date appears on the certification you receive for your most recent pass.

What exactly is the distinction between a Servicing and an MOT?

The most important distinction is that you need to get an MOT, but it is not necessary to service. A vehicle must pass an MOT to demonstrate that it is in good enough condition to drive legally and that it satisfies the DVSA’s ecological and occupational safeguarding standards. The inspection examines the state of the vehicle’s technical components to ensure that it is operating at its highest possible level.

Do I need to bring my vehicle in for the servicing and the MOT simultaneously?

No, yet this is something that a lot of individuals voluntarily do. This is because getting an annual checkup for your car is something that is strongly advisable. In addition, you need to have an MOT inspection once per year.

What are the repercussions if your car does not pass the MOT test?

If your car does not pass its MOT, it will need repairs before you can legally drive it on the road. After completing these repairs on the car, you need to have it re-inspect, and it must get a passing grade on its MOT. In 10 business days following the first exam, we will provide free retests for you to take.

What are the main typical factors that lead to an MOT malfunction?

When it comes to lighting and indicators, the MOT failure rate is close to 20 per cent. This covers very straightforward issues, such as burned-out light bulbs. When in an inspection for the MOT, if we find that one of your lights is not working, we will change it so that you do not flunk.

The state of the tyres and the airflow within them are also major sources of failure. Lights, windshield wipers, and cleaners are all examples of components that might fall under this category. This is because 8.5% of all problems have a connection to the car’s vision of the roadway.

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