What is Body Contouring and Cavitation?

Body Contouring

Cavitation machine combined with body contouring is a great way to get rid of stubborn areas of fat or cellulite. Combining Therapeutic Massage or Lymphatic Drainage Treatment can help promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage, as well as detoxify the body and reduce muscle tension.

How body contouring with cavitation works

VIVA Wellness Cavitation uses ultrasound therapy to remove bulk fat tissue. It works like this: Ultrasound waves exert high pressure on fat cells, causing them to collapse and allowing their fatty contents to escape into the cells between them. The lymphatic system then picks up the fatty content and expels it via normal body functions.

What areas can be treated?

Each 60-minute treatment will include cavitation, high frequency ultrasound to remove fat cells, radiofrequency skin tightening and cellulite treatment. Each package will only be applicable to one part of the body. Here are some examples of areas that might be treated:



Arms/bra line

What are the results?

Cavitation can destroy large numbers of fat cells at once. Many clients see results in a single session. You will notice a decrease of fat cells and a contoured body. There will also be a reduction in cellulite. Cavitation is safer than other more invasive procedures. It doesn’t require downtime, and only targets fat tissue. For best results, a series of treatments is recommended!

Radiofrequency Toning and Cellulite Reduction Therapy are available as an Add-On Radiofrequency Toning or Cellulite Reduction can be added to your Cavitation treatment. You will see a decrease in cellulite, better circulation, a firmer complexion, and a more even skin tone. This add-on service can be added to your appointment for 30 minutes (90 total).


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