What is business coaching?


We are going to discuss business coaching and what business coaching definition is.

Why business coaching?

Coaching in business is requested most of the time by the employer for a specific purpose: the accompaniment of an employee towards an objective. The business coach then has a crucial mission: to establish clear communication between the employer and the employee in order to achieve the expected objective. The coach will therefore lead to a better understanding of the different parties and therefore to an improvement in well-being at work for everyone.

What is business coaching?

The most important feature of corporate coaching is that the contract is three-way. There will be the employer (or his representative), the employee and the coach. The first contact, most often, will be with the Human Resources manager.

What is the difference between business coaching and life coaching?

In life coaching, your coach has chosen you and decided to confide his most personal problems to you, while in business, the themes addressed will be related to the work of the coach. You can dig deeper into these differences in our article: Differences between life coach and business coach

How important is the objective in business coaching?

If the setting of the objective is crucial, it is all the more so in business because it will be the basis of the contract (and on its achievement) that your work will be appreciate.

Do you have to be a graduate to work as a business coach?

For the first contacts in business, you will be asked for your diploma, your certification, your registration in the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications), possibly proof of supervision, and sometimes accreditation. Accreditation is issued by a professional association such as EMCC France (European Mentoring and Coaching Council).

Is it difficult to obtain accreditation to practice business coaching?

It is an approach that allows you to conduct a fascinating and useful reflection on your professional practice. It makes it possible to make understandable its frame of reference, to accept the glance of other peers in its practice. This is referencing in large French companies.

What happens once i present my application as a business coach to my client?

Once the selection has been made by the Human Resources manager base on these criteria, he knows you. You have already worked together for another coaching (which went well), the price is fixed (often imposed by the company which has its scale), all that remains is to convince the employee that it is you who he must choose. The person in charge of Human Resources most often presents three different coaches so that the employee can make his choice. It will therefore be in an interview that the decision will be make in comparison with two other people.

How does the last interview take place, before the intervention as a business coach?

During this meeting, you will have to ask the person to introduce themselves, explain their problem, and what they expect from the coaching, then reformulate it by showing them that you have understood their needs.

What should be include in the business coaching contract?

If you are chosen, the contract will be sign specifying the objective and the indicators of success. An interview can be scheduled mid-term and there will be a review meeting.

What is the two possible coaching in business?

There are 2 kinds of coaching in business: either so-called “performance” coaching, or “reassurance” coaching. The most common topics are: taking up a position, developing leadership, self-confidence, improving team functioning, time management, etc.

Who is business coaching for?

Different environments targeted professional theme: Business coaching attracts coaches who feel comfortable in the business environment. You should know that the one who will pay you is not the one you are coaching; the difference is significant with life coaching. It will sometimes be necessary to juggle the interests of the company and the needs of the coach. You will sometimes find yourself in delicate situations, for example, the person being coached who is looking for work and who has not told his superior and who is going to work on points that will help him regain his confidence and… leave. This is not the majority of situations of course, but it is just to make you aware of this particularity that will have to be managed.


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