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What Is Included In AC Installation Service?


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In this day and age, cool, fresh air is not just a luxury; it is our prime requirement to create a cozy atmosphere in our homes or office. However, investing in a high-end air conditioning system is essential, and it is equally important to hire AC repair East Gwillimbury professionals.

The professional AC installation process

Fixing an air conditioning system can be challenging, mainly if you are not a field expert. Before you start the installation process, you need to deeply understand the air conditioning system and the right way to install it. To ensure your AC system functions efficiently with little to no hassle, getting expert help for the installation process is ideal. The team of certified HVAC technicians at reputable air conditioning services East Gwillimbury can provide you with the right advice on the best AC system that fits your needs. Not only AC installation but also professional AC services company also provides AC repair services for minor to significant issues, including ongoing maintenance services.

Here are the steps involved in the AC installation process.


A specialized HVAC company will visit your place to access and determine the best air conditioner for your home. The split or domestic air conditioning system is the best option for residential properties. A split system comes with an indoor and outdoor unit, and the installer will pass the refrigerant pipes through the system. These pipes play a crucial role in spreading cool air within the room. Unlike the single-room HVAC system that only cools a single room, the domestic unit circulates cool air simultaneously through multiple rooms.

During this inspection stage, the AC technicians will also track down the most appropriate location to install the new AC system. Additionally, the latest HVAC systems are far more spacious than the older models, and the newer ones need a comparatively bigger coil that makes your system more energy efficient. Nevertheless, the existing space of your AC might not reconcile with the newer AC models.

Taking off the existing outdoor unit

An air conditioning installation company will remove the refrigerant from your old central AC with the help of a recovery machine and tank. This step is crucial since releasing refrigerants into the open air is faulty, and these two devices help remove the refrigerant pipes safely and correctly.

Furthermore, the installers will unplug the wires from the old unit. Following this step, they will entirely take the system off.

Arranging the pad for the outer unit

This stage involves swapping the old outer unit pads. A composite pad can sit outdoors for the entire lifespan of your AC system. However, a composite pad is more advisable than a concrete pad to complete this stage safely. A concrete pad could shift dramatically, leading to cracks, and repairing those cracks will likely be difficult.

Composite pads hold the vibrations generated by the AC unit. Thus, it reduces the noise that comes from the unit. After installing and connecting the outdoor unit, moving it can cause damage. However, the composite pad will help prevent any issue if leveling is required.

Demounting and replacing the evaporator coil

Cased and uncased are the two types of evaporator coils. A cased coil comes with an insulated cabinet that also has removable panels. However, it is imperative. Besides, the panels give access to the coils. It allows the evaporator coil to sit on the furnace and makes the fixing and replacement tasks easy for the AC repair East Gwillimbury professionals. Before installing a brand-new evaporator coil, an experienced AC installation East Gwillimbury technician will remove the metal plenum.

With an uncased coil, the supply plenum undergoes preparation work before the installer installs the new coil. Pre-preparation is vital to prevent possible damage to the furnace or the coil. The drain pipe that runs through the coil is made of plastic. Therefore, the installer will put a rail in place to create a sufficient distance between the furnace and the coil. In addition, the technician will then install the coil on the plenum. If the pipe is larger than the coil, your AC installation services provider will cover the space with a sheet metal pan. Moreover, they will frame a plenum door to keep the coil from damage.

Demounting and replacing refrigerant lines

The refrigerant line connects two copper lines, and the refrigerant flows to the outdoor condensing unit and back to the evaporator coil through these two copper lines. Additionally, the refrigerant flows alongside oil. Indeed, the older systems will use different oils for the latest ones. It is essential to ensure that the oils do not mix because they can harm your new air conditioning system.

In case of any obstacles, like fences on the existing lines, the air conditioning services East Gwillimbury specialists will install an entirely new line or reuse the existing one. They will undoubtedly flush out and clean the current lines to reuse and ensure the line is in its best working condition. Most importantly, it is good not to reuse the old lines.

Not to mention, licensed AC installation technicians will mount hangers around the area where the refrigerant lines pass through to ensure they remain in the correct position. Following the process, they will level the lines and push them close enough towards the outer unite valve. The line will further connect the condenser to the indoor evaporator coil present on the very top of the furnace.

Among other things, the technicians will also set up a low-voltage control cable. This cable will connect the thermostat with the furnace and the outdoor unit, allowing you to switch the AC on and off.

Installing the outdoor unit

Now the installers will install the AC condenser on the composite pad. First and foremost, the AC installation East Gwillimbury experts will also scrutinize the unit for any damage that could occur during the transit. If things are in great shape, they will install the line set up in the service valve of the unit. After fixing the cable into the valve, they will heat the line set of copper to melt, services, and a filler rod that joins the two together, creating an impervious connection.

Installing the filter dryer

A filter dryer absorbs moisture and offers physical filtration. Moreover, the installers will place it in the AC condenser. As often suggested, the filter dryer installation stays close to the indoor coil’s expansion valve. This setting will protect the dryer from harshly dangerous weather that can lead to rust.

Installing cables

The HVAC installers will mount the new service box by employing the current power supply from your electric panel. Fused and non-fused are the two types of disconnect boxes, and manufacturers often suggest installing fuse boxes because they provide overcurrent protection.

On the contrary, the non-fused box is suitable when the breaker offers maximum protection for overcurrent specified by the manufacturers.

Installing drain line

The moisture that forms during the cooling process flows through the PVC pipe attached to the evaporator coil. The evaporator holds a primary and secondary drain along with the primary condensate drain. Moreover, the primary condensate drain runs through the coil to a suitable condensate pump or the drain. Your AC installers will set up a condensate pump if you don’t have it.


After the AC installation process ends, it is time to assess the results. Your Air conditioning services East Gwillimbury will turn the AC switch on for fifteen to twenty minutes. They allow the refrigerant to flow through the cooling system and start the ultimate cooling process. Before ending the process, the technicians will authorize the unit to ensure the AC system is perfect. Moreover, they will give you the peace of mind and confidence to safely use the system.

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Choose the most effective HVAC Company.

You might be anxious about what could be the most reliable company to contact for AC installation near me. Hire a professional HVAC company to install your new AC system. Hopefully, this piece of writing might help you get some assistance in selecting a suitable AC company. A professional HVAC company holds experienced technicians to carry out the installation process appropriately.


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