What is purpose of life? Happiness or usefulness


For a long time, I believed that there is only one reason to live and that’s to be happy.

Right? Why would you want to endure all the suffering and misery? To achieve happiness by some means.

It’s not just me. There’s not a single person who believed in that. If you look around the majority of people are seeking satisfaction in the lives of their loved ones. Check also captionsbaddie.

This is why we all buy things we don’t really need or sleep in a room with someone we do not like and strive to earn the respect of people we do not like.

What is the reason we make these choices? To be truthful, I’m not concerned what the real reason. I’m not an expert in science. I only know that it has to do with relate to history, culture media, economy, psychology and politics, the information age and so on. The list goes on and on.

We are what we are.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Many people like to look into the reasons why people don’t feel happy or do not live lives that are fulfilling. I’m not necessarily concerned about the reasons.

In the short time back, I was doing everything I could to pursue happiness.

  • You purchase something, and you think it will make you feel happy.
  • You have a relationship with someone and you think it is what makes you happy.
  • You are offered a lucrative job that you do not like and you imagine that this is what makes you content.
  • You are on vacation You think that will make you feel happy.

At the end of your day, you’re sitting on your mattress (alone or with your spouse) and you’re thinking: “What’s next in this ever-expanding quest for happiness?”

Let me describe what’s to come You’re seeking out something you don’t know about but you think will make you feel happy.

It’s all just a facade. A fraud. A story invented.

Did Aristotle have a lie for us when he told us:

“Happiness is the reason and purpose of existence”, the entire goal and goal of the human race.”

I believe we should examine the quote from an entirely different perspective. Since when you look at it, you believe you’re looking for happiness as the primary objective. That’s exactly what the quote implies also.

But here’s the question What can you do to achieve happiness?

Happiness isn’t a goal in and of itself. So, it’s not something that’s feasible.

I believe that happiness is the result of utility.

When I have to discuss this subject with family, friends as well as colleagues, I struggle to put the concept into words. However, I’ll give it a attempt here.

The majority of things we do are just experiences and activities.

  • You travel on vacation.
  • You head to work.
  • You go shopping.
  • You’ve had a drink.
  • Dinner is served.
  • You purchase a car.

These things ought to bring you joy, right? But they’re not really beneficial. There’s nothing you’re creating. You’re just taking in or performing something. This is great.

Don’t get me wrong. I love going on holidays or to go out shopping. However, to be honest that’s not the thing that makes life meaningful.

The thing that makes me feel content is being useful. If I’ve created something that other people can benefit from. or even when I design something that I could use.

For a long time, I was unable to define the concept of happiness and usefulness. When I recently encountered a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, the dots were connected.

Emerson states:

“The goal of life isn’t just to be happy. It’s to serve and to be a good person to be kind to be able to be a positive impact on the way you’ve lived your life and lived it in a way that is good.”

It wasn’t until I realized it until I became more aware of the things I’m doing in my life. This is always a bit heavy and all. It’s actually quite simple.

It all boils to this What are you doing that’s bringing about change?

Did you make a difference during your life? There’s no need to change your world, or even anything. Simply make it a bit better than the way you were.

If you’re not sure of what to do, here are some suggestions.

  • Help your boss out with an issue that’s not yours to handle.
  • Go with your mother to an spa.
  • Make a collage of photographs (not a digital version) to present to your spouse.
  • Write an article on the things you have learned through your life.
  • Help the woman who is pregnant and also has a two-year-old in her stroller.
  • Contact your friend and ask for help on something.
  • Create an upright desk.
  • Create a company and then hire employees and treat them with respect.

It’s not all I enjoy doing. You can come up with your own activities that are useful.

Do you see? It’s nothing major. If you can do a few everyday things that are useful this can add up to a life which is lived well. A life that is meaningful.

What I do not would like is to wake up in my final resting place and realize there’s no evidence to prove of my existence.

Recently, I read “Not Fade Away from Laurence Shames and Peter Barton. This book is focused on Peter Barton, the founder of Liberty Media, who shares his thoughts about the death of cancer.

It’s an extremely impressive book that is sure to make you cry. It is a book in which he relates how he lived his own life and how he came to his passion. He also attended the business school, and here is his opinion of the other MBA applicants:

“Bottom thing to remember is that They were brilliant people who could never achieveanything and would not contribute any value to society, and would leave no marks behind. I was horrified by this in the same way it is as sad to waste potential.”

It’s true for everyone. When he realized this when he was in his 30s He founded a business that made him millionaire status.

Another person who has always made himself valuable has to be Casey Neistat. For three years , he uploaded an update on his work and life on YouTube. In each video the actor is doing something.

He is also known for his enthusiasm and the way he is always looking to create and do something. He has even got an ink mark on his forearm that reads “Do more.”

Many people will ask, “why would you work more?” And then they switch on Netflix and watch old episodes of the latest television show that just came out.

A different mindset.

Being helpful is a mental state. As with all mindsets it begins with a choice. The other day, I awoke and asked myself what am doing in this world? It was a simple question.

That same day, I began writing. It could be painting, making an item for elderly people, helping them or whatever you’d like to do.

Don’t take this too seriously. Don’t get caught up in the details. Simply do something that is beneficial. Anything.


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