What to Expect From Christian Marriage Counseling


Every person is different and may choose Christian marriage counseling over secular counseling. There are many different points of view among Christians. You might feel that divorce is impossible and would prefer a counselor who will do everything they can to save your marriage, rather than recommending divorce. The best thing about choosing a counselor who shares your beliefs is that you don’t have to explain why one value matters to you.

What’s the goal of marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling is meant to help couples identify and fix any problems. Each partner must examine what they bring to the marriage. Your partner and you will both work together to heal any hurts that you may have caused one another. These are some of the issues you may be dealing with:

  • Financial Stresses
  • Conflicts between in-laws and other family members
  • Boredom in relationships
  • Stress caused by busy schedules
  • Infidelity
  • Parenting Challenges

What can faith-based marriage counseling do for you?

Christian marriage counseling integrates faith and values in the counseling process to provide a holistic spiritual approach. Your partner and you will discuss your problems and work together to fix them. These sessions will help you plan your next steps. The counselor will not tell what to do, but help you find a wise way forward. You can be helped to overcome dysfunctional and potentially harmful communication patterns, so that you can move into a healthier and more productive way of communicating. Christian marriage counseling works to:

  • Rebuild trust
  • Strengthen Intimacy
  • Manage Conflict
  • Improve Communication

What does faith-based marriage counseling require of you?

Your partner and you must first be open and honest with each other. These sessions are meant to help you heal. You must both be ready to do the work. You must also be open to holding each other responsible for your personal growth and contribution to the greater good.


Christian marriage counseling can help you work with someone who shares your values. You might not want someone to push for divorce. Instead, you can work on building trust, strengthening intimacy and improving communication. All in all, your partner and you must be ready to work together on your relationship and heal.

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