Why Are Cold Storage Plants Needed In India?


As the Indian food sector picks up the pace to be an active participant and become self-reliant, cold storage is quickly evolving into the most sought-after demand driver. With better-designed cold storage facilities India might reduce food waste during delivery, processing, and farming. Temperature-controlled storage areas, effective and qualified support personnel, and transportation are well-functioning cold chain infrastructure components.

Why are cold storage facilities required in India?

With storage facilities from cold storage manufacturers India can reduce food waste each year. Below are the facts that support the need for a cold storage facility.

Relative Humidity in Refrigeration

Besides temperature, humidity is a significant component, as fruits naturally sweat and lose water throughout the ripening process. Therefore, to prevent water loss, dehydration, and the accelerated aging of fruit (fruits and vegetables, as a result of dehydration, wrinkle, and wither while losing weight and vitamins).

Although the optimum relative humidity for each product will depend on its surface/volume ratio, the cold storage in which they are stored must have high relative humidity, being acceptable between 85 and 95 percent, often 90 percent, for fruits and above 95 percent, for vegetables. However, since too much humidity might lead to mold development, you must regulate this number carefully.

Control systems of cold storage facilities help to regulate relative humidity by evaporating and humidification the space. By using steam or water spray of refrigerants (CO2, Nitrogen, and Glycol)

Ventilation for preservation

It would help if you properly ventilate the atmosphere to stop the fruit’s respiration from producing an atmosphere with an oxygen content below 2%. If this occurs, the fruits that require air to develop will remain green, and fermentation processes will start, which will result in fruit loss.

Therefore, cold storage must maintain the proper oxygen/CO2 ratios, which will vary depending on the particular product. Nitrogen, which has little impact, will often balance out changes in the ratio of these gasses.

In addition, the ethylene that the fruit naturally releases must be regulated and eliminated with sufficient air.

Consumption of fruits and vegetables in India

According to the Annual Report on the Food Industry in recent years, the food and beverage industry leads all other manufacturing branches of the industrial sector, contributing 2.6% of India’s GDP. In addition, 4.8% of the businesses are in the processing and storing of fruits and vegetables. These generate 10,382 million in revenue or 8.2% of the total generated by the food business.

Concerning the consumption of fruits and vegetables, the most recent Food Report shows that consumption of fresh fruits has climbed by 10%, and consumption of fresh veggies has increased by 12.5%. Therefore, in the coming years, there will be a significant increase in the consumption of processed fruits and vegetables.

These facts suggest an increasing consumption tendency that impacts the food industry and the need to preserve food.

By controlling variables—low temperatures in the cold storage, high relative humidity, and ventilation that ensures a proper oxygen ratio—you may effectively manage, this way, the high demands of the refrigeration facilities for fruit and vegetables.

Benefits of Cold Storage

Temperature control:

One of the major advantages of cold storage is that you may set any temperature as per the needs of your products. Our cold storage supplier in India provides temperature controls, remote monitoring, and control systems. These equipment maintain the temperature from the farm to the final destination.

It saves money on cooling costs:

Companies are willing to invest millions of dollars in finding the ideal solution for temperature control since the food industry prioritizes adjustable temperatures and other storage conditions. Krupashree Peb Pvt Ltd is renowned for providing effective cold storage solutions to permit the least amount of product and resource waste.

Freeing up space:

Whether you need a modular cold room or a cold storage room, we can help. Our products are effective by decreasing waste and extending the time needed to sell foods and other alternative commodities. Try locating us on the net as a cold storage warehouse near me. Find the finest cold storage solution to meet all of your needs for food storage at the most competitive price.

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Hope you might now have good reasoning for cold storage plants. We provide the best cold storage in India whether you own an import-export company. Or searching for a storage solution to increase the lifespan of your products. Krupashree PEB Pvt. Ltd. is a top producer and provider of specialized cold storage warehouses to meet all commercial storage needs.


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