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Why Is Exercise More Important for a Person With Disability


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Exercise is vital for optimum health and WHO also recommends doing at least 75 to 150 minutes of medium to vigorous physical activity every week. However, are these set standards applicable to people with disabilities? There isn’t a straightforward answer to this question because the standards may vary according to the mental and physical ability of the person.

The registered Disability Service in Melbourne can help determine how much exercise a person requires for a healthy life. The time limit may differ, but to exercise or not has a straightforward answer which is a big ‘YES’. Read on to know why-

Disability Service in Melbourne

Improve Muscle Strength and Coordination

Muscle strength is crucial because one may experience decreased bone density with age, and it shall happen much earlier for someone following a sedentary lifestyle. Consistent physical activity can improve muscle strength and delay the onset of decreased bone density.

Experienced professionals from Home Care Services can help you achieve your daily exercise goals through various customised exercise plans such as adaptive sports and other measures. For a participant with a disability, enhanced coordination will help develop sensory and motor skills, thereby overcoming barriers and achieving a sense of independence.

Reduce the risk of diseases

Lowered immunity and chronic diseases may be on their way if we don’t indulge in exercise. Therefore it’s advisable to stay active as much as possible to strengthen your heart, control blood pressure and improve blood circulation.

If you have a favourite sport to help you remain physically active, you can connect with the nearest disability service in Melbourne. We can modify the sport and take measures to make it adaptive and engaging for you to enjoy the game.

Helps fight Anxiety

Lack of physical activity can make you anxious and depressed. The brain releases endorphins or feel-good chemicals if you actively indulge in your favourite sport or other exercise regimens. So, you can say goodbye to anxiety with your favourite physical activity.

If you wish to take this happiness a few notches higher, opt for experienced home care services. They serve customised exercise plans to participants and help them achieve their fitness goals through their favourite physical activities.

Overcome Social Barriers

Physical activity, primarily sports, can transcend social and cultural barriers. It’s an arena where individuals come together to achieve a common goal. In this process, they interact, communicate, make friends and break barriers.

The disability service in Melbourne can help break social barriers easily. As they offer community participation and create group activities wherein individuals meet new people, interact with them and perform many activities together. As people of different social backgrounds come together with a positive outlook, it helps break the ice and overcome social barriers.

Increase Confidence

Exercising increases blood flow and strengthens the bones and muscles, eventually building your endurance. The enhanced stamina can help you live independently and build confidence.

You can avail the benefits of disability service in Melbourne or other parts of Australia to deliver curated exercise plans. These are customised to provide you with optimum physical and emotional health. With their assistance, you can experience a sense of independence, freedom and increased confidence.

How to start Exercising as a Beginner

Firstly, you will need to meet assistive health care providers and inform them about your desire to start exercising. They will most likely be supportive and provide you with directives for beginning the exercise routine.

You can then seek support from disability services in Melbourne to create individual plans and help you stay consistent with the routine. They can help in building strength and enhancing your overall well-being.

Cardiovascular, strength training and flexibility exercises are part of the regimen. You can access all these exercises by approaching an experienced disability service in Melbourne who will analyse your mobility and curate a routine most suitable for your body.

Key Takeaways

Health and happiness are the primary rights of an individual. Through a consistent exercising routine, one can achieve optimum physical and mental health.  For that, you must connect with your nearest support provider, create a plan and get the best help to uplift your physical and mental health.

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