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Why Is My Facebook Account Locked or Disabled?


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A large number of individuals sign into Facebook each and every day. We transfer subtleties of our lives to it, share photographs, use it to associate with companions, partners, friends, and family, and, surprisingly, maintain our organizations on it. For some, it has become a unique little something that you believe you can’t survive without.

Imagine attempting to sign in one day and not being able to see your record. Facebook can really lock or handicap your record out of the blue. Then, at that point, may limit you while you are signed in, or may keep you from signing in by any means. There are various reasons regarding the reason why they do this and as long as you probably are aware of why, much of the time, the method for settling it is somewhat straightforward, yet disappointing.

It is possible that you tried to access your Facebook account one morning, and were told that your account had been incapacitated or locked for security reasons. This would come as a shock and with practically no explanation given you will feel defenseless.

let’s go through the possible issues faced by the Facebook users

But lately many users are having issues such as 

  • my FB account has been locked or
  • Facebook locked account recovery,
  • how do you unlock your Facebook account, 
  • facebook locked out, and many more.

Reasons for the Locked Facebook Account:

In the following list, users can find the possible causes and solutions to the Facebook lockout issue.

Reason 1: Facebook users should always be aware of the spam accounts on Facebook. Users should not download files or data that seems suspicious as it can load the virus on the device and then the Facebook locked account recovery would become difficult.

Reason 2: Facebook is a legal platform that ensures the safety of its users. The “my Facebook account has been locked” issue will occur if users do not use the proper username ID.

Reason 3: There is a limitation in joining the groups. Users should not exceed the limit set on Facebook for joining the groups otherwise facebook is locked out will occur.

Ways or Methods to Fix Locked Facebook Account:

Generally, Facebook-locked account recovery can take 24-48 hours or more. But if still not recovered users can file a customer care report on Facebook or take help from Help Center.

Users can also try to use valid details, good internet, and network connections, deleting inappropriate posts and comments, and blocking spam accounts are some ways of how do you unlock their Facebook accounts.

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