Why People Prefer Window Blinds Instead of Installing Curtains


There are too many reasons why people prefer window blinds over curtains for their home and office. Blinds are rich in features as compared to curtains. They are more useful and practical than other window treatments. In this article, I will explain completely the benefits of installing window blinds instead of curtains.

Less Expensive

Cheap Vertical Blinds are less expensive compared to curtains. As they take less material in manufacturing, therefore they are less expensive. Besides the expense, Blinds also take less time for proper installation. A professional only takes 20 to 25 minutes for its installation. The best part of blinds is they come in different varieties. Having many options in variety, they are cheap in the price sense. Blinds come with different materials in the market. Plastic blinds are cheaper as compared to wooden and other blinds. So, it hardly cost $120 to dress two windows with good blinds.

Curtains are more expensive as compared to blinds. As curtains are made with more raw material therefore they are expensive. Its installation also takes more time as compared to the blinds. It takes up to 2 hours for the installation by a professional. Curtains have also many types and categories. The cost of curtains for 1 window is almost $300 which is almost double as compared to blinds. If you want to reduce the cost of curtains then prefer cotton curtains over silk curtains.

Smooth and Easy Cleaning

Cleaning is the main concerned thing in blinds and curtains. Blinds surface is hard, therefore cleaning is too much easy and less time taking thing. You can easily clean them with the help of a cloth. Both sides of them can be dust-free in less time and effort. If you want to clean your blind, close its slats, take a piece of cloth and start cleaning. If you want better cleaning results, use vinegar with water and dip the cloth in that solution. After applying wet cloth on them. On the other hand, for the cleaning purpose of curtains, we have to do more effort. We have to use a vacuum with a dust brush. It will take more time and cost than blinds cleaning. In the order to remove any stains from clothes, we have to muse different types of expensive detergents to remove them.

Light Control Options

People want new different features in everything. In blinds, there are many light control options concerning curtains. Blinds can be operated easily and smoothly as compared to curtains. Blinds use slats that can be adjusted in any direction. In the order to allow full or partial light blinds are the best option to do that. The best feature of blinds is they allow light to pass even when they are fully closed. This feature does not come to curtains. Curtains block light when they cover the whole window. This feature also increases the privacy level of the user.

Long-Lasting Factor

Blinds last longer than curtains. Usually, blinds can last up to 15 years if they are well maintained. As they have well-built quality material, therefore their average lifetime is more than curtains. They are made of good quality plastic, wooden or vinyl material, so that thing make them long Laster. Curtains have less age than blinds. As a lasting factor, blinds compete for curtains again.

Insulation and Soundproofing

In insulation and soundproofing, both curtains and blinds are good in this feature. If we consider insulation, curtains are more effective than blinds as they reduce heat loss by up to 40 percent. The thicker blinds will give more good results.

In summer, blinds beat curtains. As blinds reduce more heat from the room as compared to curtains, therefore people prefer blinds over curtains in the summer season. They reduce heat and maintain the room temperature to normal. This thing makes blinds energy saving in summer. They reduce the cost of AC in summer by maintaining room temperature to normal.

Both efficiently absorb sound. But curtains with heavy material perform well in soundproofing. They give good results in noise cancellation. There are certain gaps in the slats of the blinds which make the blinds less soundproof as compared to the curtains.

More Designs Option

Blinds and curtains come in a variety of designs. They have a wide range of colors and patterns with different styles. Curtains come in different styles and textures. They have more beautiful styles and types as compared to the blinds. While blinds come with a narrow range of variety.

In the end, the blinds are much better than the curtains by considering all the factors. They are much cheaper, more elegant and more efficient. They save your cost and give a perfect look to your home with their unique styles.

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