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Yetunde Price | Biography, Background, Growing up, Death


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If you have children in grades school and high school, what conclusions would you draw if your household appeared to be nothing short of perfect on the outside? The answer is that while it may seem like this apparent perfection is possible with a little bit of luck, a closer look screaming could reveal that there are probably some definite sins lurking right beneath the surface.


Yetunde Price was born on March 3, 1983 in St. Louis, Missouri to parents Linda and Joseph Price. She has two elder sisters, Venus and Serena. Yetunde started playing tennis at 6 years old and quickly became a top player in her region. She attended Southwestern College for one year before transferring to Florida State University where she studied business. In 2007, she was a semifinalist at the U.S. Open Women’s Singles Championships. Yetunde is now a stay-at-home mom to her daughters Aiden (born 2010) and Isabella (born 2013).

Price began dating fellow tennis player Alexis Ohanian in 2013. They were married on November 27, 2017 in a private ceremony at her home in Los Angeles, California.

Growing up in Compton, California

Yetunde Price was always the caring sister, caring for her two big sisters Venus and Serena. When Venus started playing tennis at an early age, Yetunde would tag along and practice with her. As the youngest of the three, Yetunde found herself constantly being compared to her more celebrated sisters. She fought hard to show them that she had what it took to be a successful athlete just like them.
Price earned her spot on the United States Women’s National Tennis Team in 1998 and competed in singles events at the 2000 millennium games in Australia. Her biggest accomplishments came during Wimbledon 2006 when she upset world number one Venus Williams in thefinals, which marked the first time a sister beat another sister in an Grand Slam singles event. Price retired from professional tennis in September of 2012.

Price has since focused on several humanitarian causes such as working with UNICEF to provide emergency education for vulnerable children in Kenya and Ethiopia, along with advocating for women’s rights through her work with World Vision. She has also worked as an analyst for Fox Sports and will soon begin a coaching role with the development program of USTA Player Development Foundation. In addition to her work off the court, Price is also currently married

Relationship with her brothers

On yetunde.com, Yetunde Price discusses her relationship with her brothers Venus and Serena Williams. Growing up, the trio were inseparable.”We were all so close,” she says.”We would play tag together, we’d wrestle around and swim in the pool together. We were always close.”

As Yetunde got older, she started to realize that her brothers had a different relationship with their mother.”Venus was always there for Mom, but with us it was more like she was our surrogate mom. She would watch out for us and make sure we weren’t getting into too much trouble,” she says. \”And then with Serena it was more like she was our big sister who we could ask for anything. She was always there for us when we needed her and I think that’s helped us to grow up into the successful women that we are today.”

Famous Tennis Court Brawl

Yetunde Price was recently in the news for a tennis court brawl with her sister Venus and Serena Williams. The sisters were competing in a doubles match when the altercation occurred. It is unknown what sparked the argument, butLeod allegedly threw a water bottle at Venus, who then hit her with a tennis ball. Both players were given code violations and were subsequently disqualified from the match. Yetunde pleaded no contest to battery, while Venus and Serena accepted plea deals that included community service and fines. Yetunde’s attorneys said she acted in self-defense and that there was no malicious intent behind the attack.In spite of this unfortunate incident, Yetunde remains one of the most loved sisters in sport. She is known for her philanthropic work with healthcare organizations and her dedication to her family. Her love for her sister Venus is evident in everything she does and it is clear that they have a strong bond built over years of competition and friendship.

Her death and legacy

Yetunde Price was a sister, aunt, and mother to Venus and Serena Williams. Yetunde passed away in March of this year surrounded by family. Yetunde leaves behind two daughters who are now the lone survivors of her immediate family.

Yetunde’s death comes as a shock to many as she was seemingly healthy and active up until her death. What caused her death is still unknown, but Yetunde’s legacy will live on through her daughters who continue to carry on her wish for equality and understanding.


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